Custom insoles provide comfort to every foot by providing support to the arch and stability to the heel cup, thus preventing any future foot problems and injuries.
Realinsoles are placed inside the shoes, after removing the manufacturer’s insole that most shoes have.
You can wash Realinsoles in hand with mild soap and warm water, rinse them well, remove excess water with a towel and allow them to air dry. Never put them on or near a heat source and avoid putting them in a washing/drying machine!
If you use Realinsoles for the first time, you should wear them gradually, that is around 3 hours for the 1st week and 5 hours for the 2nd week. From the 3rd week you can use Realinsoles as many hours per day as you like!
Our custom insoles are made of antimicrobial, antiswet eva material, in different types of density.
Under normal usage, our custom insoles will provide you a reliable support for more than 2 years, while in vigorous physical activity, their life is around 1,5 years.
No, there is no limitation. Since Realinsoles are completely customade, we can cover any shoe size, from the smallest to the largest one!
Orthotics work by modifying and optimising the way your feet and lower limb interact with the ground, thus manipulating the forces acting upon them.
We will manufacture a device that suits the athletic shoes you already have.
Orthotics should not be uncomfortable. A custom manufactured device should work seamlessly with your footwear and activity to provide the ultimate in comfort.
Our orthotics last at least 2 years of everyday use.


These are the most common questions asked about insoles.

However, if you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us and we will give you a reply the soonest possible!